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Old Town Lukavec

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The Old Town Lukavec is located in the center of Turopolje, not far from Velika Gorica, right next to the village and the small brook that both share its name. Every stone in its structure testifies about the turbulent history of this area and ever since its purpose has been altered, the old town became an inevitable spot for everyone who visits Turopolje.

The town’s significance exceeds local frames since with its typological and architectural characteristics it occupies a very momentous position in the overview of 18th century profane architecture in northern Croatia.

When you pass the gates where two lions hold the coat of arms of the Aristocratic Turopolje Municipality, you will find yourselves in the old town where the history of this area was written and defended. This castle is the only stone fortress in Turopolje and it was once the center of labor and life of the Aristocratic Turopolje Municipality. Written sources first mention the town in 1256, but the exact year of construction is not known. Originally, the old town was built out of wood and it had a defensive purpose; people were never meant to live there. The town was also the place where the council of Turopolje (spravišće) gathered to choose the prefect and where the archive of the Aristocratic Turopolje Municipality was kept.

The architectural concept of the town was finished in 1752 in the shape of a renaissance castle surrounded by water, with turrets for lateral defense that held 70 loopholes and a high inlet tower. This concept testifies to the fact that the Aristocratic Turopolje Municipality was home to men of remarkable strength, comradeship and nobleness.

The only thing still reminding us of the town’s original purpose is the long iron cannon that lies under the porch in the courtyard. The ground floor held the prison, the bellman’s room and stables. On the first floor, under the tower and across the great council hall, the chapel of Saint Lucy, patron saint of Turopolje, was situated. The chapel is the most interesting part of the first floor and it once held a stone altar.

A painting of Saint Lucy stands on the wall above the altar and the ceiling and walls are adorned with paintings of various saints.

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