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The Modić - Bedeković Manor House (kurija Modić - Bedeković), Donja Lomnica

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Kurija is an old Croatian name for a manor house of the local nobility and it shows an autochthonous way of house building of the higher class in Turopolje. By the end of the 18th century, there were 4 manor houses of this kind in Donja Lomnica, but only one still stands today- the manor house of the old noble family of Modić- Bedeković. This house is the most preserved manor house in Turopolje today. It was built by a descendant of the family, Petar Modić in 1806, and the proof of that is found in the inscription on the main ceiling beam in the vestibule.

The one storey house with a rectangular floor plan, together with its outbuildings and vegetation is one of the rare well-kept examples of an autochthonous baroque way of residential building. As with all houses of this sort, basic guidelines of this kind of building were followed- the ground floor holds the utility rooms, and upstairs the sleeping and eating rooms are found. Due to the fact the family kept the house in its ownership and tended to it, it was almost entirely preserved in its original state, including the inside work, adornments and furniture. To be pointed out are the beautiful hearths, stylish furniture, paintings of known and unknown artists, lamps, china, the genealogy of the Modić family. When you open the great wooden gates, you will even see an old barouche (fijaker) that stopped carrying passengers a long time ago. On the upper floor, you will walk across a floor mosaic made out of white gravel and black river shells and enter the sleeping rooms.

Many noble families of Turopolje, like the family Josipović, Pogledić, Kušević, as well as distinguished artists and writers like Zlatko Baloković, Franjo Lučić, Josip Andrić, August Šenoa and Antun Gustav Matoš were once regular visitors of this beautiful estate.

If you wish to rest and cool a little in the shade, the spacious yard with the park will be the ideal place. There you will also find the summer kitchen (sukačnica) used in the summer time for the preparation of food.

Modić - Bedeković Picture Gallery