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Donja Lomnica
Before the battle with the Turks the people made a vow that in case of victory, they would build a chapel for the "holy Three kings" in Lomnica.

In the beginning, it existed as a wooden chapel that was mentioned for the first time in the minutes of the Turopolje congregations from 1665 to 1667. In addition to the painting of the Holy Three Kings that adorned the main altar, it soon received an altar decorated with carvings and statues of Saint Luke and Saint Bartolome. Today’s brick church was built in the second half of the 18th century thanks to the significant help of the Noble Municipality of Turopolje. It became a parish church in 1976, at which time the building was already dilapidated and corroded by the ravages of time and negligence, so the first pastor, with the help of the parishioners, Ante Rotim undertook a thorough renovation, and with the donation of land from the local women Mara Arbanas, the rectory was built, which is still in use today.

After the invasion of Turopolje by the Turks under the leadership of Hasan Pasha, the Turopoljes retreated towards Dubranec and hid there from the Turks for a long time. According to the records, they suddenly attacked the Turkish camp one night with a lit torch. The enemies got scared and ran away. Before that attack, the people made a vow that in case of victory, they would build a chapel for the “holy three kings” in Lomnica. It is not known exactly when it was built, but it is certain that the chapel existed in the first half of the 17th century.


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